Xbox One: From Leading the Market to Leaving the Market

What follows is an Angry RANT and closer to E3 I will write a calm analysis of the XBOX ONE.


… Hmm,

I was going to write something live during the event, but it’s taken a couple of days to get my head round this just to put these couple of words down. Did anyone else see it, the most horrific launch for hardcore gamers I’ve ever witnessed. Just before the Reveal started I wanted to be like and indeed started writeing starting off with this:
Shut Up And Take My MoneyI have been an avid supporter of Microsoft my entire life I played and still play the classic Xbox, and have been obsessed with my Xbox 360 for the past 8 years my favourite thing to do is to fire up my 360 relax and play games on my days off or when I finish work. To this end I’ve amassed a gamer score of 68590G. I do have a Wii and a PS3 (solely for the fact that it was the most logical choice for a Blu-ray player), and given the choice of a multi platform game I always choose 360, the only PS3 games I own are the Ratchet and Clank series due to them being exclusive (and the 360 controller is better for 17 hour sessions).

Now back to the Xbox One, we have waited for so long for this launch, the rumours, the anticipation, and when we finally see what Microsoft present is with… F&£@ing Windows media centre…

Windows Media Centre, you remember that rubbish they tried to get everyone into back in what 2002. Watching the press show, it lasted about an hour, and here is how that approximate hour was broke down:

  • Enter some fool that’s claims to have worked his entire carrier in the games industry. Obviously the in video games. So we listen to him talking in padded completely unnecessary long scripted sentences.
  • Now some guy takes 3 minuets to talk about the hardware.
    I think we are at the 10 mark maybe by now I’m not loading up the video to check.
  • Now we are going to talk gaming right, WRONG!! Enter new padded sentence guy to show you how to watch TV because hitting that input button on your TV remote is just way to complicated.
  • So he goes on and on, Big Screen, Small Screen, Smart Glass, Big Screen, Small Screen, Split Screen, Skype Call, Explore. All the time it’s just Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, I don’t gave a dame about NFL and I think the hardcore gamers like myself are not in to sports and really couldn’t care about these fantasy leagues.
  • So now onto video games, WRONG!! We need some Tele-tubby syndrome for this guy so Again, Again Big Screen, Small Screen, Smart Glass, Big Screen, Small Screen, Split Screen, Skype Call, Explore, and then Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports.
  • Now some games right? right? That hours is being used up here. Ok let’s have some games now SPORT games again Fifa, NFL, WHO CARES.
  • Flash a share feature on screen for 30 seconds similar to the PS4.
  •  Now finally we are away from sports lets bring Grabby McMoneyBags up ($pielberg) to talk TV, Microsoft save that for E3.
  • Now lets talk new franchises, Quantum Brake lets talk a look at that shall we, play the trailer. Live Action kid getting in car, the in the game for 5 seconds while a ship it’s a bridge. That 5 seconds looked impressive now what happens… Wait what, that’s it, but what’s it about. What come back WTF!!
  • We now have about 5 minuets left so what are they going to bring out, Call Of Duty. Now I don’t play CoD so I don’t know if I should be impresses or not over Curves and a Dog. WoW Curves and a Dog, surely now in my wildest dreams Curves and a Dog a PC could never, no wait a good gaming PC could already do curves so nothing ground braking. In a demo these Hi-Res models look ok, in a battle environment where you are constantly moving, and explosions going off this counts for noting as your not going to have to time to go look at his face.
  •  The End

Futurama You Should Feel Bad
After the event there was some back stage Q&A let’s take a little look at this because I’m going all Angry Joe here:

  •  No constant online connection, this is good for everyone, makes no difference for me as I always play connected but I know everyone out there was now happy with this choice.
  • But then we have the used game situation same this will not effect me as I don’t do used games. But many people do and this will not only effect the used game business but rental as well. Now you can’t even lone a game to a friend to play, no more swopping and sharing with your friends for the weekend, that’s all out unless you cough up more money. EA laughing all that way to the bank “Yes we will stop online passes” yes you will stop them because Xbox One will do it for you.

This is what Microsoft presented us with. This is not a next-Gen console its just Microsoft answer to Apple TV. Microsoft what where you thinking? Was it not bad enough that Microsoft took away the Xbox shows like InsideXbox, SentUAMessage, Nexus etc, that we paid for with our Xbox live subscriptions to have them replace them with Advertising space that makes them even more money while ripping us off. I’m going to leave this here for today and will talk more about it in the coming weeks as E3 approaches. Microsoft better have something extraordinary to pull out there ass at E3 or simply cancel Xbox One go back and try again come back next year, sack all those people that where on stage for the reveal as they are not gamers, get people that actually play games in and Microsoft remember this:

We want an XBOX,
Windows Media Centre!

I one hour I went from feeling.
My Precious Xbox Achevments

To feeling like this…
XBOX ONE Gollum The Precious is Lost XBOX ONE Gollum The Precious is Lost

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