My Xbox One DRM Dream

Greeting Space Cadets, today I wanted to talk or ramble about my Xbox One Dream, the way I believe the DRM policy could have been that I think would give it truly the best of both worlds. I’m going to use a couple of little scenarios hope will explain the way I am thinking.


First off, get rid of all region locks. Done they have removed them, it’s gone. So a console purchased anywhere and play a game purchased from anywhere else, this is awesome as not all games are released worldwide and potentially opens up the a world for importing games all from over the world.

tin_foil_hatKinect, it’s part of the system if you don’t want to use it shut it off, or if you want to embrace your inner Tinfoil Hat put a box over it or hide it behind your TV where it can tell Microsoft how much you don’t dust because you’re playing games all the time.

Not DRM but a 360 emulator, you know the Xbox One has the power to do it, and don’t do what you did with the Original Xbox and make just a handful of games backward compatible.

Ok that’s the easy stuff out of the way now here is the part that might get a little complicated but stick with it and hear me out. (It make sense it my head, honest).

Setup of a Main console for your live account (this will become apparent soon).
KinectAll Disc games to come with a CD-Key/activation code (you know what I mean), and given that you have to have an all seeing eye or Kinect this could be a QR code or one of them Microsoft ones with coloured triangles and circles that you could just flash to the camera with, this works with the 360 already for anyone that has used the Kinect to unlock more kitten on Kinectimals, and the key could be printed like the Kinect smiley face cards, (this will be regarded to as the KEY for the rest of this, no matter what format).

Offline play requires the disc to be in the tray.
Downloaded games on your Main console only can play offline, this is so that you can’t just go round all your friends houses log in, download the library of games and then make that console offline, and if you’re online it does not matter as you will be online on your account anyway.

When you purchase a disc you put it in it starts to install and you enter your KEY this is then tied to your account XBOX LIVE account, this is only part where it gets a little unclear as if you put it in to an offline console you should be able to play but then it has the issue of you installing it on multiple off line console. But Microsoft as had a system in place for this since XP was lunched I know it’s a pain and really annoying but I’m thinking of the phone service for activating things like Windows and Office, if you cannot get online at all after 30 day it loses functionality. Something like this could be used to tie it to your account and obtain your activation code. Or you could have to flash the QR KEY at the start of a play session.

I know what you’re thinking I can hear you but please stick with this read it all, this the only major problem to overcome in order to get all the disc less play, roaming and family sharing, which is mostl likely why it has been abandoned.

Renting Games, easy, a temporary KEY issued by the store, one that XBOX LIVE will know is as a rental that will then not be added to your library, or could be added temporally for roaming so you can go to your friends and play. This would also open up Microsoft to rent games on XBOX LIVE.
For offline rental rentals the KEY can easily be include an expiry time in it while remembering to keeping it complicated enough to fool KEYgen hackers, again a QR code could be made insanely long and have all the hashing you want to encrypt this data.

imageTrading games. This may look or sound complicated but its really not if want trading games and disc less gaming and roaming it’s the solution my explanations has to be a little long winded to get the point over.
For this one I will use a little scenario. In this example let’s say we have Quantum Break and we want to trade it in at a GAME store:

Step one we take it to GAME we say to the guy “I want to trade in Quantum Break” the GAME guy says “Ok, have you got your KEY”, now the key come back, as you have to surrender your KEY to trade it in. (if you lose your KEY, a system could be made to retrieve like how your Skylanders online keys can be found be putting your figure on the portal).
So you give GAME your disc and your KEY. They then logon to an XBOX website that retailers can setup accounts with (this can be open to mom and pop stores to) and input your KEY. When it loads it shows that this KEY is for a Quantum Break it can show who live account it belongs to the store can then ask you to confirm this as a security measure to see if the disc was stolen this could also be potentially flagged if a victim reports it to XBOX LIVE as stolen.
Any way back to what we were saying you have then surrendered your KEY to GAME and this will be updated to your XBOX LIVE account and removed from your library. If your console is offline, easy you now have no disc as you have traded it to game, online you can no longer see it and your family plan people cannot see it as well. That KEY can then be returned to the pool and GAME could issue a new KEY for whoever they then sell it to or just keep to the KEY you gave them.
I may not have explained it best way, it might seem a hassle but if you want trading games and disc less gaming and roaming this KEY method is the logical solution. It can expand to private sales and gifting, lets take a look.
Lets say I want to give Quantum Break to a friend you could either from a XBOX ONE dashboard, or XBOX.COM log into your LIVE account and transfer ownership, transfer your KEY to their LIVE account. This would remove it from your library, and if it’s stolen it would be no good to them as your LIVE account would be needed to initiate the transfer.

I hope you understand what I am trying to sat and have not just read three lines and chosen to pitch a fit in the comments, saying that for those that have read my full ramblings please let me know what you think, anything you would add or change to the XBOX ONE and the DRM issues below, Tweet, Like and subscribe, all that fun stuff because every time you do a Kitten is born.


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