Obduction Concept 04

Obduction Update

Greetings Space Cadets, I got an awesome email from Cyan (the people behind the amazing game Myst) today with some stills, concept art and a short video form Obduction there latest work that I have backed on Kickstarter. I thought I would share the message you.

Hey backers!

Eric here. Time for an update!!! Thanks to everyone that made it out here for Mysterium convention a little over a week ago, it was great seeing you. But for everyone that couldn’t make it, here is a short video featuring the in-engine scene from Obduction that we showed at the con.

For anyone interested in watching the full Mysterium demo, with more behind-the-scenes (as well as all of the other great Mysterium presentations), you can find that online here (big thanks to Draaloff for the upload!):

Also, here are some full-resolution stills (should be sufficient for desktop imagery, if you are so inclined):

Obduction Screenshot 01

Obduction Screenshot 02

Obduction Screenshot 03

Obduction Screenshot 04

Obduction Screenshot 05

Obduction Screenshot 06

And as an added bonus, here is some new concept art from the game, produced by our very own Derrick Robinson:

Obduction Concept 01

Obduction Concept 02

Obduction Concept 03

Obduction Concept 04

Obduction Concept 05


Talk to you again soon, -eaa

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