It’s Officially The Future! Today Is The Day Marty McFly Travelled To In ‘Back To The Future 2’

It’s Officially The Future! Today Is The Day Marty McFly Traveled To In ‘Back To The Future 2’

It's Officially The Future

It’s Officially The Future


We may still need roads, but according to the 1980s it is now officially the future. The second installment of the Back to the Future franchise gave audiences a glimpse of what the 21st century had in store for them, and while we may not have flying cars or fax machines built into every wall of our homes, we do have self driving cars and smart phones, so it’s safe to say we’re doing pretty well. Also, not too many people walk around in nothing but brightly-colored spandex suits, so call that a win too. This is a momentous occasion that will literally only happen once, so don’t let it pass you by unnoticed, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you do, and that’s just way too heavy.

GREAT SCOTT! The Future Really Snuck Up On Us


The Future Really Snuck Up On Us

We can video chat from nearly anywhere in the world, print entire prosthetic limbs and grow meat, 2015 is truly a remarkable time to be alive, and considering how into nostalgia we all are, Marty McFly would have fit right in without having to change his clothes at all.

Looks Close Enough

Looks Close Enough

It’s always interesting to see how people thought it would be, and while the actual 2015 is pretty fly in and of itself, 1989’s 2015 still looks like a place no one would mind visiting, and in a way you can. If you live in the Washington, DC area you can visit Reston, Virginia. While this town really doesn’t have anything to do with back to the future, for a limited time the town will officially change its name to “Hill Valley,” a.k.a Marty McFly’s hometown.

We Don't Have These Just Yet

We Don’t Have These Just Yet

Hover boards and self tying shoes technically exist, but neither of those technologies are available to the general public just yet. Back in 2011 Nike released some replicas of the famous sneakers from “Back to the Future II,” and earlier this year the shoe manufacturer announced that they were developing a pair of kicks with actual power laces, just like Mcfly’s! There hadn’t been much word on the shoes until yesterday when Nike tweeted at the man who brought Marty to life, Michael J. Fox.

This Time It's Really, Really Personal

This Time It’s Really, Really Personal

Not only do we have the capabilities to create a very life like CGI sharks, we can now create an insanely realistic hologram of that same shark and have it perform live (sort-of) on stage. Take that, Jaws. In honor of McFly’s visit to our time, select theaters across the country will be hosting special showings of “Back to the Future II,” and Amazon Prime members will be able to stream the entire trilogy all day for free. After marathoning the trilogy why not take a peak at the brand new documentary all about the making of the cult classic, “Back In Time,” out today.

So grab a hydrated pie from Pizza Hut (or just order one via emoji), crack open a Pepsi Perfect (if you can get your hands on one) sit back and enjoy the future, and Universal’s trailer for “Jaws 19.” Apparently this one is a lot better than the last five, even if the shark still looks fake. – Source The Real Stan Lee


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