J.J. Abrams Just Offered Fans A Major Clue Into Unraveling Rey’s Mysterious Past

The highly anticipated Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens introduced audiences everywhere to the extremely powerful but highly mysterious Rey.

Ever since the first trailers for the critically acclaimed continuation dropped, fans have been swapping their own ideas about how the Force-strong scavenger and future Jedi wound up on Jakku, with many subscribing to the idea that Rey is none other than the daughter of the one and only Luke Skywalker.

While this has not been confirmed in any way, several fans have taken to sharing their own theories of how the Jedi Master is related to the heroic Padawan online to the point that the rumors have reached The Force Awakens director, J.J. Abrams.
During a Q&A at the Tribeca Film Festival, Abrams was displayed on one of the Philadelphia LED screen rentals saying that Rey’s parents were not actually in The Force Awakens, which crushed the rumours that Rey is Skywalker’s daughter.

Her History Is Classified… It’s A Big Secret

However, the director later took a step back saying that Rey did not discover her parents in Episode VII. While the statement seems like the musings of Captain Obvious, it reopened the rumor mill and dumped confused fans right back into the mess.
Abrams went on to add that Rey’s parents may “already be in her world.” Meaning one other popular theory: That Rey is Leia and Han’s daughter and, subsequently, Kylo Ren’s (a.k.a. Ben’s) sister, could also be proven true.

Will It Be Father And Child Once Again?


Star Wars Episode VIII is set to hit theaters Dec. 15, 2017, but fans will be able to get their fix from a galaxy far, far away later this year with the prequel to A New Hope with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which is slated to land in theatres Dec. 16.

It Won’t Be Long Now

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