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Mass Effect Commander Shepard – Chuck Norris Never Heard Of Her

Greetings Space Cadets, we have some sort of sad news today. This will be the Last Chuck Norris Tuesday for the foreseeable future.

We started this feature as a joke for a guy I use to work all the way back in January 2013 and have had over 192 Chuck Norris Tuesday’s. You will still be able to view the archive of all the Chuck Norris Tuesday’s and the Picture Imp will always find new fun things to share, and you can see what else I am up to in my YouTube channel. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook so drop by and say Hi, :p Transparent-Aluminium.net

I think it is time to leave this feature for a couple of reasons:

Firstly I have exhausted the files uploaded in January of 2016 and simply don’t want have to make 52 more for another year.

And secondly and most importantly I learned just a few days ago, that Chuck Norris is a very strong and vocal support of the American Emperor Kim Jong-Trump and at Transparent-Aluminium.net we cannot support or endorse any such person that would support this new fascist regime that is consuming our world.

Remember you see what you see, but the Picture Imp sees what’s really their and he sees that the horrific lessons of the last War seem to be in increasing danger of being forgotten.

American has never known the horrors that engulfed Europe. Yes they came over at the end to fight, but that was all, a show of might, fresh gear and arrogance.

So we drop the final Chuck Norris Tuesday with a set of amusing jabs at Chuck Norris…

John Wick – Chuck Norris Never Heard Of Her

John Wayne – Chuck Norris Never Heard Of Her

Halo Master Chief – Chuck Norris Never Heard Of Her

I dont always drink beer but when I do I make Chuck Norris serve it to me in a Dress

Mr Kesuke Miyagi – Chuck Norris Never Heard Of Her

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