Michelle Branch’s Released Her First New Music Video In 14 Years

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If there’s one musical comeback that we’re excited for it’s the return of ’00s alt-pop singer Michelle Branch, who has just released her first music video in 14 years.

Earlier this this year, Michelle Branch teased that she was releasing her first solo album in 14 years, and it’s safe to say that we were a tiny bit excited (c’mon, who WASN’T obsessed with Branch’s two albums Hotel Paper and The Spirit Room?). The star then shared a small teaser of the project, before releasing the title track “Hopeless Romantic,” a collaboration with her partner and The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, earlier this month (February 3rd).

Now Michelle Branch has released the music video for “Hopeless Romantic,” and it’s her first video in 14 years! You can find some of her music on this copyright free music site.The clip was directed by her friend, photographer Brian Higbee, and sees Branch take on a darker vibe than her earlier music.

“Stuff always skews a little bit darker,” she told Entertainment Weekly about the video, “and I wanted this to be darker. I haven’t had a video out in so long, so I wanted to push the envelope in that sense, and not have something that was ‘cheery’ or what people expect from me.”

Speaking about her new more mature direction, Branch said that she was inspired by her divorce and her new relationship with Patrick Carney.

“The song is about the push and pull of a romantic relationship,” she revealed. “There’s always a kind of fear when you’re entering a relationship with someone; of, ‘Where will this go? Will I get hurt?’”

This feeling, she says, is indicative of the rest of the album, which is expected for release on April 7th. “The album runs the gamut from break-up songs to tracks about finding love,” she said. “So it seemed like the perfect album title from the moment we recorded it. That’s been the story-arc of the last three years of my life.”

Tbh, we’re so glad that Michelle Branch is back in our lives, and we love the new mature direction she’s taken her music in. We can’t wait to hear more of what she has up her sleeves with Hopeless Romantic is released on April 7th.

Source: hellogiggles.com

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