20 Amazing Photos That Where Not Photoshopped

Our planet is truly unique and wonderful, and the miracles that can happen at any moment make us admire the world around us. All we really need is to see this beauty in front of us. Here is a collection of photos from all over the world that you cannot help but enjoy.

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A Natural Divide

This looks like a before and after photo that would be made on editing apps. In reality, the dividing line of this photo is a dirt road. The left side of the photo burned in a wildfire but was stopped before reaching the trees on the right.

A Visual Of The Changing Seasons

We’ve all seen photos of fall foliage, but it’s rare to see photos like this that display the changing process between spring and winter. While the lowlands of this Russian nation are lush and green, the mountainous highlands are still covered in snow.

An Abstract Look At Broken Glass

At first glance, this appears to be a bird. It’s really a chip in a windshield from a stone. This goes to show how perspective makes all of the difference.

A Creative Look At A Common Guitar

This photo was taken from inside a guitar. While we’re not exactly sure how that’s done, there is no denying that the abstract results are breathtaking.

A Solar Eclipse In Arizona

This photo was taken at the perfect moment in Canyon de Chelly nature reserve in Arizona. The warm colors created from the blocked light on the desert sands looks incredible.

Looking Up Through A Metropolis

This is a creative vantage point of a city. The design of the buildings makes for an interesting image.

Thunder On The Horizon

Storms can be scary, but they make for stunning photography.

The Sky Reflecting On The Water

The natural mirroring effect of this photo is one that many photographers aspire to achieve. The fact that this happened naturally is truly incredible.

Lightning Over Water

Timing was everything for this strike of lightning in Novorossiysk.

The Formation Of A Thunderstorm

If you’ve ever wondered what a thunderstorm looks like from above the clouds, now you know. This was taken from a plane 11,000 meters high.

Light At The Mountain Top

The photographer of this photo was definitely at the right place at the right time. This shining mountaintop is glorious.

A Glowing Waterfall At Sunset

Timing your photography with the sun really pays off as you can see with this photo. The light of the sunset bouncing of the water off this rock based waterfall creates a glowing mirror effect that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

An Iceberg Viewed From Above And Below

This photo is all about perspective. The water line creates a cool effect for displaying the incredible mass of the iceberg.

Flying To The Moon

The moon can be hard to photograph, but this photographer managed to get a clear image of it at the same time a plane was climbing by.

Combining Human Art With Natural art

When a Japanese synchronised swimmer emerges herself into the patterns of a school of fish, the results are breathtaking.

The Border Of Italy And Switzerland

The contrast between the blue sky and white snow makes for a stunning image.

A Photo Of The Artist’s Academy

How cool is it that the sky is mirroring the architecture of this building?

A Rocket Taking Flight

The light trail from a rocket launching into the sky creates a beautiful illuminating effect.

Red Skies Over The Game

It’s hard to focus on the play when nature is performing.

The Art Of Synchronisation

Perfectly timed movements creates a mind-blowing effect in this photo of Chinese soldiers.

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