Management Information System

At we have developed a Management Information System (MIS) that can help you run your business more efficiently with the following features and more:


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Customer Orders

  • Create, Manage & Edit customer Order
  • Create Custom Invoices and Statements
  • Custom Invoices Exported to PDF
  • View Customer frequent ordered Items
  • Reminders if a customer has not ordered
  • Bar code Scanning for Quick searches for orders
  • Order Picking Lists

Order Creation


Purchase ordering & Stock Control

  • Create, Manage & Edit Purchase Order
  • Warning if an order is going out less than cost
  • Stock Control and management
  • Multi-Supplier Bulk Purchase order
  • Reports to check in delivery’s and see what is due to arrive
  • Update product Costs when accepting delivery
  • Future orders Stock required

Multi Supplier Bulk Purchase Order

Route Manger

  • Delivery management
  • Assign customers to routes and set deliver order
  • Vehicle Load order and check lists
  • Drivers Deliver Logs

Diver\Delivery Logs

Order Pick List

Price Management

  • Set products Cost
  • Create customer Price groups
  • Assign group discounts
  • Set group fixed pricing
  • Create Customer Price list for customer
  • Create Customer Price catalogues with custom extra marketing material
  • Monitor and warn if products are less than cost

Dynamic Price List

Employee System (BETA)

  • Clock in and out
  • Time sheets
  • Payroll


  • Task manager
  • Customer Sales Call reminders
  • Supplyer Cost Price Comparison
  • Temperature Logs
  • Multiple network users
  • Internal Cortex IM Chat
  • Skype call launcher
  • Order Analysis
  • Expenses Reporting
  • Suppler Cost Price comparisons
  • Customer Quotes

Task Manager

Coming in Version V1.6.3i

  • Retail Till
  • Payment accepting
  • Custom Voucher system
  • Product Bar code management for Retail Till
  • Set products as services making them exempt from Base Margin
  • New Options Menu
  • New Customer Invoices
  • Pricing Logic change to allow custom Base Margin

Dynamic Voucher Creation

System requirements


    • Windows XP SP3*
    • Microsoft Access 2010*
    • Processor 1.5Ghz
    • Memory 2 GB
    • Hard Disk 2 GB (200Mb for MIS)
    • Display 1024 × 768
    • Network 100Mbps
      *Some MIS features will not function


      • Windows 10 64-bit
      • Microsoft Access 2016
      • Processor 2Ghz 64bit
      • Memory 2 GB
      • Hard Disk 3 GB (200Mb for MIS)
      • Display 1920×1080
      • Network 1Gbps


MIS V1.6.2i

Setup at your place of business
2 Days Onsite Training
Assistance with initial Data Input or Import


Bespoke Additions £25/Hour
Additional Training on Site £20/Hour
Additional Training by Remote £15/Hour

MIS V1.6.2i Setup

Setup at your place of business
2 Days Onsite Training
Assistance with initial Data Input or Import
One off Setup Charge £300

MSI Subscriptions package £35 per month (6 month minimum Contract)

All Updates & Additional Features
2 half Days Onsite Training/Support per month
10 Hours Remote Desktop/Phone Support

Bespoke Additions £15/Hour
Additional Training on Site £15/Hour
Additional Training by Remote £10/Hour



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