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ogon-designs-code-wallet-with-trackr-3Presenting your products in the best light is good for business and professional product photography is a necessary investment for achieving this.

As a professional photographer, I will consistently and efficiently deliver high quality eye-catching photographic images which represent the attributes, features and details of your product to give customers all the information they need to make an informed and confident purchase, this is particularly important for online eCommerce.

Businesses who invest in professional product photography will benefit directly from improved brand identity, customer confidence, sales and even a reduction in rates of returns. Consumers today are surrounded by commercial photographic imagery and it should come as no surprise that studies have shown that the majority of consumers can easily tell the difference between a good product image and a bad one. In addition, the majority of consumers will not purchase a product online if the imagery representing it is not good enough.

These are some of the reasons why it is fundamental for businesses, both small and large, particularly online, to invest in a suitable product photographer with the skills and experience to consistently deliver professional quality imagery. 

loot-cargo-crate-kaylee-frye-mini-master-figure-10CREATIVE PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY:

With creative product photography, we can alter many of the standard elements which affect the look of an image, such as the addition of distinctive backgrounds, surfaces, props and styling. This generally concerns items for specific advertising purposes such as in product packaging where a high-end finish is required as well as for print advertising.


A Packshot is most easily defined as a simple photograph of a product on a white or plain background and is frequently used in catalogues and e-commerce sites. This simple, clean and consistent image production allows for a professional eCommerce product layout.

Features of Packshot Product Photography at a glance simple “product on white” photography, Green screen/shadow/reflection/clipping path options available.


Per Approved Photo Pricing
£35 1 to 4 photos
£30 5+ photos
£40 Food photography

Time-Based Pricing
Full Day 8 hours £350
Half Day 4 hours £250
Custom Photoshoot from £85

Small Business Package, Half Day upto 3 hours £175

We aim to have your product photos available within 7 days of the shoot and will be archived and available for download for 12 months.

Based in Avonbridge – Mileage and accommodation fees may apply.


Stand out and add a new dimension to your photo shoot.


Aerial photographs and video added to your promotional video or website is an important element to your brand awareness. A short Aerial Video or Aerial Photographs could help give a potential client or customer a greater view of your business.


Capture those impossible to get shots from giving you those extra special moments from your wedding day, sporting or music event from a new perspective.


Drones are capable of viewing difficult to reach locations that can be considered expensive, dangerous, or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams.


Photoshoot prices start at £85
Video shoot Prices start at £125
Small Business Package, Half Day upto 3 hours £175

We aim to have your photos available within 7 days of the shoot and will be archived and available for download for 12 months.

Based in Avonbridge – Mileage and accommodation fees may apply.

Additional flight insurance fees will apply.


Flights may be postponed on the day due to high winds, rain, or other weather factors.

Legal restrictions apply to flights and will be evaluated before all flights.

Max altitude 121 meters however at we restrict our flight to a max altitude of 110 meters and a max range of 400m from the pilot to allow the pilot to maintain the legally required visual contact with the drone at all times.

Additional legal flight restrictions may apply depending on the location. Theses may include additional altitude restrictions, no-fly zones, and flight authorisation zones. To gain a better view of restricted zones please visit DJI’s Fly Safe GEO Zone Map and review the Drone Code for a better understanding of safe flight requirements.

Contact us using the form below to with any questions regarding an aerial photo shoot.


comic-con-cosplay-snow-white-1Are you are looking for a professional photographer for your event. Whether it is a business, or private event, Sporting or Photo Op or Convention.

Capture the moment in 360° Photography. We offer high-quality event photography for all sizes of events.

Why not enjoy some post-production fun shooting your guests against our green screen backdrop, replacing the background with one of your choosing?



Full-Day/Night 8 hrs £350
Half-Day/Night  4 hrs £250
Photo Op 1 hrs £45 + Mileage.

Price includes all post-production i.e. Photoshop and Lightroom work.

We aim to have your photos available within 2 days of the event and will be archived and available for download for 12 months.

Based in Avonbridge – Mileage and accommodation fees may apply.
Please Note: At this time we are unfortunately unable to offer Wedding Photography, but hope to make it available again soon.



Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often tough. Build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons.


Stand out in search results and attract more customers. Drive traffic to both your website and place of business enjoying an advantage over your local competitors.


Share online on Facebook & YouTube or simply share on your web pages and you can enjoy all the benefits of the Virtual Tour on your website. Customers will love having a look around before they visit.

  • Apartments & Real Estate
  • Bars, Pub & Clubs
  • Business Street View
  • Car Dealerships
  • Charity Stores
  • Church & Village Halls
  • Hotel
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Sports Teams
  • Schools
  • Wedding Venues


Per Approved 360 Photo Pricing
£35 1 to 9 photos
£25 10 to 39 photos
£15 40+ photos

Other 360 Pricing
Small Business Package, Half Day upto 3 hours £175
Custom 360 Photoshoot from £85/hour
Custom 360 Video shoot from £125/hour
360 Video Live Stream Up to 2 hours from £145
Logo converted to base logo for 360 £35

We aim to have your photos available within 7 days of the shoot and will be archived and available for download for 12 months.

Based in Avonbridge – Mileage and accommodation fees may apply.


3D Facebook Photos

Make your photos or adverts stand out creating 3D images to upload to your Facebook page.


Damaged, torn, or faded? We can digitally repair and restore your photos, restoring your beloved memories.


Have you taken Portraits, landscapes, artistic shots and feel that you want more from your image? With the use of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, we can dramatically enhance your images.


Along with still photography, we also offer video production services from restoring an old shaky handycam wedding video to cutting together an advert or fun entertainment production.



Per Approved Processed Photo Pricing
£25 1 to 4 photos
£15 5+ photos

£25 3D Facebook Photos Conversion

Other Services
Photo mounting service prices start at £25
Video editing from £45\per hour

We aim to have your photos available within 7 days of the shoot and will be archived and available for download for 12 months.

Based in Avonbridge – *Mileage and accommodation fees may apply.


If you have a new or creative or really fun concept that you would like to try out or would like to help me practice or try some new and want to collaborate with me on a photo shoot, video, 360 or drone shoot, send me a message. If your idea sounds fun to me, we can work out a photoshoot.

I offer collaborations, or trade shoots for everything from artistic and cosplay. In these photoshoots, everyone works for free, and everyone receives the photos to use in their portfolios.

These shoots are creative collaborations between you and I, both of us must agree on the look and feel of the shoot.

These shoots normally take between 1 to 2 hour or could run all day or night depending on the nature of the shoot we have agreed to collaborate on.

You will receive a minimum of 10 edited photos from the shoot in addition to all unedited photo (except for a corner watermark) taken during the shoot. All photos provided may be used however you choose without restriction. Additional edited photos can be purchased for discounted £5 each.

I do have some guidelines on these shoots, and I ask every model to sign a release.


All models must have a signed Model Release on file with me. If you have not provided a signed release, please download the document from our website or our brochure, sign it, and return it to me no later than the start of our scheduled photo session.

You are welcome for your comfort to bring a friend/escort with you to the shoot. In fact, I encourage it! Your escort cannot be disruptive to the shoot and your escort might be asked to assist with simple tasks.

Although everyone works for free in these shoots, if a location has been chosen that requires us to travel, we would split the fuel costs and costs of any shared snacks and refreshments we purchase during the shoot.


Please be courteous – just as I plan my schedule to be respectful of your time, kindly return the favour and be on time for your shoot. Contact me right away about any unexpected delays. Multiple late arrivals or no shows will possibly result in an end to our collaborations.

When posting images from our shoot, please do include appropriate photography credits and tag @dryuillkirkwood on Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook.

Help me build my social media exposure and following!! If you publicly post and tag me in 5 or more images, I will give you an additional 5 fully edited images (for a total of 15 free photos).

You do not have permission to edit the digital images. This includes the removal of the watermark. If you want photos without a watermark, we can agree on a price for a paid shoot.

I work as quickly as possible on photo edits, however, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery of your fully edited images.



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