Your website is at the core of your online presence, it threads out to all other aspects of your online world. As more and more business is conducted online the modern customer and consumer, when they are looking for a Product or Service the first thing they do is pull out their phone or launch their browser and Google It. Your business may even be local to them but if you are not on the map or have no online presence you are going to lose potential customs. we offer both Businesses, Individuals, and Organisations the opportunity to expand their customer base, making the critical move to the online marketplace, showing the world what you have to offer.

Not only can we create a website for you, but will open the doors to a new line of customers with eCommerce. Integrating an online store to your website allowing you to reach new customers, and allowing them to safely and securely pay online with services like PayPal, or even in Cash or Cheque if your Business prefers.

What we can offer you:

  • Website Creation
  • Online Store Creation
  • Product Photography
  • Business Photography
  • Social Media Setup & integration into your website
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google/Apple/Bing/ Maps setup
  • Web Mastering Tools setup
  • Domain and Hosting Support*
    *We don’t provide hosting or domain names but will work with you to purchase it and set it up for you.

There are services out there that allow you to build a website on your own but these still require a steep learning curve, and that is time and resources that a small business owner cannot afford.

We will handle all the complicated and technical aspects of giving you your online presence and offer complete training to help you manage and understand your website and social media, as well as continued support, in Person, on the Phone, or by Remote.



Click the tabs to view pricing.

Website Creation £700
Online Store setup £175

Social Media Setup £60
Cross-platform Integration £40
Domain Name, Hosting & SSL Setup* £50

Website Maintenance £35
Social Maintenance £35
Online Store Maintenance £35

Google/Bing Webmaster Setup £40
Google Analytics Setup/Maintenance £40
Google/Apple/Bing/ Maps setup £50
PayPal Setup £25

Once Your Website is Approved, completed & Live a complete Back Up of both the Website and Database is taken and stored for 24 months.
*We don’t provide hosting or domain names but will work with you to purchase it and set it up for you.

SETUP One Off Setup Charge Monthly Subscription Monthly Maintenance
Website Creation & Maintaining
-Google/Bing Webmaster Setup
-Google Analytics Setup/Maintenance
-Google/Apple/Bing/ Maps setup
-Search Engine Optimization
-Half Day Business Photograph
-Email Setup
-Cross-Platform Integration
-Full Training



-10 Hours per month***
-Website Tool Updates
-Page & Post Creation/Updates as requested
-Website health check
-Analytics check
-Web Mastering checks
-Weekly database backup
-Monthly full site backup
-1 half day product/Business photograph
-Online Store Maintenance and health check
-Product Creation/Updates as requested
-Ongoing Training & Support
-Domain & Hosting Support
-Email Setup/Support
Online Store Setup & Maintaining *
-PayPal Setup
-Half Day Product Photograph
-Full Training


Domain & Hosting Setup**
-Domain Setup
-Webhosting Setup
-SSL Setup
-Email Setup


Social Media Setup & Maintaining
-Facebook Page
-Google/Apple/Bing/ Maps setup
-Cross-Platform Integration
-Verification Application’s****
-Full Training



-2 Hours per month***
-Health Check
-Analytics check
-Post Creation/Updates as requested
-Advertising Support
-Cross Platform Integration
-Extra Account Creation
-Verification Application’s****
-Ongoing Training & Support

12-month minimum Contract
Once Your Website is Approved, Completed & Live a complete Back Up of both the Website and Database is taken and stored for 24 months.
* When purchased with our Website Creation Package
** We don’t provide hosting or domain names but will work with you to purchase it and set it up for you.
*** Additional time is charged at a reduced rate
**** Verification is subject to 3rd Party Terms



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