Whether your small business operates as a Wholesaler, Retailer, Services based or any combination you need a system that and take care of all your business finances.

At we have developed a Management Information System (MIS) that can help you run your business more efficiently, and in a simple cost-effective way.

Key features of our complete Accounting Solutions:

  • Invoicing clients
  • Retail till
  • Purchase orders
  • Stock control
  • Delivery management
  • Processing payments
  • Extensive accounting reporting
    and much more…

Core Features v1.7.4i

Our software has many capabilities, features and functions. Discover more Accounting Solutions Core features by clicking below.

Create and manage customer invoices with ease. Produce monthly statements, and see who has an outstanding balance in seconds. eMail client statements and invoices with a single click:

  • Create, Manage & Edit customer Order
  • Create Custom Invoices and Statements
  • Warning if an order is going out less than the purchase cost
  • Custom Invoices Exported to PDF
  • Accept payments and apply them to invoices
  • eMail Invoices and Statements with a single click
  • View Customer frequently ordered Items
  • Reminders if a customer has not placed an ordered
  • Barcode Scanning for Quick searches for orders
  • Create order picking lists
  • Order Duplication for Standing Orders
  • Create and manage order job sheets
  • Customer Sales Call reminders
  • Active Customer Manager
  • Bulk Customer Details Manager

Create and manage purchase orders and with ease. Automatically produce purchase orders from multiple suppliers simultaneously based on the last supplier used for individual products, stock levels, customer orders, and any undelivered purchase orders:

  • Create, Manage & Edit Purchase orders
  • Automatic purchase order creation
  • Make payments and apply them to Purchase orders
  • Stock Control and management
  • Multi-Supplier Bulk Purchase order
  • Reports to check in delivery’s and see what is due to arrive
  • Update product costs when accepting delivery
  • Future orders Stock required
  • Set Min Max Stock levels
  • Quick, multi-user barcode stocktake
  • Manage and have quick access to purchase Order Invoice PDF from a supplier

If your business operates its own delivery fleet, manage your delivery routes automatically or manually set delivery order and route. See the best order to load your vehicles and view summaries of bulk items that need to be loaded allowing you to organise and load orders for delivery faster:

  • Delivery management
  • Create driver delivery logs to check and record the daily delivery schedule
  • Assign customers or individual orders to routes and set delivery order
  • Vehicle Load order checklists
  • Bulk item vehicle load lists

Manage cost and sale prices. Create individual customer pricing and produce price lists and catalogues tailored to individual customers:

  • Set products cost
  • Create customer price groups
  • Set Globule Sales Prices
  • Set Base Margin to make sure nothing is sold less than the purchase cost
  • Assign group discounts & fixed pricing
  • Create customer price list for customer
  • Create customer price catalogues with custom extra marketing material
  • Monitor and warn if products are less than the purchase cost

Manage your businesses accounts all in one place, view summaries, individual customer and supplier sales and expenses along with outstanding balances:

  • View years income, sales and expenditure figures in summary and individual customer and supplier
  • View lifetime income, sales and expenditure figures
  • Account Customer Payments
  • Accept Customer Payments Individual or Bulk
  • Single click Multi Pay on customer invoices
  • Make Purchase Order Payments
  • Statements and invoices eMailed in one click
  • Customise Invoices
  • eMail Invoices and Statements with a single click
  • view VAT reposts

Our retail till allows you to make sales as quickly and you can scan a barcode and offer customs discount vouchers that can be used at the retail till:

  • Barcode enabled retail till
  • Custom voucher system
  • Product barcode management
  • Create and manage retail, warehouse and product barcode labels

Manage your payroll and staff Clocking in and out (BETA):

  • Clocking in and out
  • Timesheets
  • Payroll
  • PhotoID barcoded login cards
  • manage and review staff skills and training

Accounting Solutions MIS from offers a vast array of additional features:

  • Task manager
  • Customer Sales Call reminders
  • Auto Backup and Archiving
  • Temperature Logs
  • Customisable Customer Job Sheets
  • Organise purchase order invoice PDFs
  • Organise Customer Job sheets PDFs
  • Alexa Flash Briefings Publisher (additional licensed required)
  • Multiple network users
  • Internal Cortex IM Chat
  • Skype call launcher
  • Order Analysis
  • Expenses Reporting
  • ID Card, scan to login
  • Customer Quotes
  • Set products as services making them exempt from Base Margin
  • Auto Backup to One Drive, Google Drive, DropBox, Creative Cloud, and Custom Location
  • Links to online help
  • And much more

New in Version v1.7.4i

Document Manager Update

Released 16/12/2018 00:55:40

  • Single click Multi Pay on customer invoices
  • Alexa Flash Briefings Publisher
    additional licensed required

View further details here. Download Version History and find further support here.

Scheduled for future updates.

  • Automatic Standing Orders
  • Wight Scale integration
  • Fully functioning Employee System
  • Archive Documents
  • Fully functioning Employee System
  • Retail Till Refund
  • Retail Till EOD
  • Retail Till M5 Float Check
  • Auto Logout
  • Customer issues log

If you would like a new feature added in a future update contact us today. Contact details can be found below.

Video Support

With every update comes a detailed video demonstrating new functionality. In the future, multiple videos detailing a complete tutorial are coming. Find further video support here.


Take a look at some example screenshots them across the system. Click to enlarge.

Retail Till


Diver Delivery Logs

Order Edit/Input

Task Manager

Job Sheet Order

Dynamic Vouchers

Order Pick Lists

Barcode Labels

Dynamic Price List


Multi-Supplier Bulk Purchase Order


Read some of our clients frequently asked questions.

Why and Microsoft Access Deployment?

We chose to develop our Accounting Solutions MIS in Microsoft Access as it is far more cost effective. Microsoft Access is compatible with all PC and Table computers from the past 15 years and highly optimised.

A regular deployment would make use of an SQL server, however, in this deployment, you would need to spend £25k before a line of code had even been written.

How do I get access to support and how long will I wait for assistance?

Access to support can be from immediate by remote desktop or a couple of hours and can involve a technician coming to your place of business on the same or next day.

If your place of business is beyond 20 miles of our office a mileage fee may apply however most support can be ben delivered over remote desktop.

Depending on the nature of your business we can offer support up to a 1 AM.

How do I get and Install a new update?

You will receive an eMail letting you know that a new version is ready for deployment and is most cases a technician will install the update for you over remote desktop or in person or at your place of business.

You can also download and install the updates yourself as it is very simple, and installing is also covered in every update video.

Can I ask for a new report or function?

Yes, you can. When you request something new or a change it will be evaluated as to whether it is bespoke edition solely for your business or an addition that can benefit everyone.

Bespoke editions are chargeable but additions that can benefit everyone will be added to the update schedule and deployed to all subscribers. Non-subscribers will pay the bespoke editions regardless.

If my computer or server fails will I lose all my account data.

No, our system takes a makes a backup the first time you start the system each day and every time you click the quit button. In addition to a local backup, backups can be stored online with any or all the following online service most of which are free:

  • One Drive
  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • Creative Cloud

You can also choose a custom location such as a USB drive, external hard drive or network storage device.
We can help you setup any of these options. We also offer computer repair services, learn more here.

Large online bookkeeping companies offer access to my data anywhere from the cloud, how can your offline solution compete?

There are a lot of advantages to keeping your data in the cloud, however, if your internet connection is not fast or stable enough or if you lose your connection you cannot access your accounts.

Additionally, with online accounting companies, your accounts are controlled by them, if their servers fail you miss a payment, they go bust or are hacked all your records are gone, stolen or sold.

Our solution keeps you in control of your data and is archived online, and with the use of remote desktop, you still have access from any connected device.

I would like to subscribe or purchases. How long will I have to wait for installation Install?

Depending on your, location a technician could be with you the same or next day. If you are located a large distance away from our office a mileage fee may and even an accommodation fee may apply.

I discontinued my subscription but I would like new features that have been developed, can I update?

You always have to option to re-subscribe, depending on how many version you are behind there may be a fee to install all incremental updates, or a one-off charge of you wish to update without subscribing.

My business is located a long distance from your office, can I still purchase the system and get support?

Yes, you can. We are based in Avonbridge in central Scotland but we have clients as far as Appleby and Carlisle, and up to Fort William and Portree.

If you are located a large distance away from our office a mileage fee may and even an accommodation fee may apply. In these cases virtual all support will be provided by remote desktop.

How do your service and support compare with large online bookkeeping companies?

At a large online company, you will only receive generic scripted support, by people that may not have real live user experience working with the system.

With us, you have direct contact with the developer who has years of experience working with our system and has full working knowledge of all its functions and capabilities.

How does your system compare with large online bookkeeping companies?

No single online service can offer all the functions and capabilities and dynamic support as our Accounting Solutions.

How often is the system Updates?

Primary Core Updates are usually deployed every 2 – 3 months. However bespoke edition that can benefit everyone can be deployed immediately once ready.

Download Version History and find further support here.

I would like to vary how I output and use my data can options be made to change how my accounts are handled?

Yes, if you need your data compiled in a particular way or would like to see your information differently, a large online service will never deviate from there mass market to tailor to your needs.

We have years of experience working with our system and has full working knowledge of all its functions and capabilities making it easy to provide you with a tailored experience you need.

Do I require a Microsoft Office subscription?

Yes, a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 (sold separately here) is required.

We can help set this up for you should you require assistance.

How do I access the Alexa Flash Briefing function and what do I require to use it?

You will require a Dropbox Account and an Amazon account, to use the Alexa Flash Briefing function.
You will also require an additional licence that can be purchased from this will be issued once we create your Alexa Flash Briefing Skill and publish it on the Alexa Skill store.
Contact us for more information.

Got a question? Contact Us today.

You can find all of our contact details below along with a contact form.

System requirements

Check if your computer is compatible with the Accounting Solutions MIS. If you are having difficulty we will help you find the most compatible PC at the right price for you.


    • Windows 10 64-bit
    • Microsoft Access 2016 32-bit (365)
    • Processor 1.5Ghz
    • Memory 2 GB
    • Hard Disk 2 GB (400Mb for MIS)
    • Display 1920×1080
    • Network 100Mbps

Recommended Accessories

    • Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
    • Amazon Fire 7 Tablet
    • Amazon Fire 7 Tablet case with hand strap
    • EU30015 Labels – 21 Labels Per Sheet – 63.5mm x 38.1mm


      • Windows 10 64-bit
      • Microsoft Access 2019 64-bit (365)
      • Processor 2Ghz 64bit quad core
      • Memory 4 GB
      • Hard Disk 3 GB (400Mb for MIS)
      • Display 1920×1080
      • Network 1Gbps
      • Microsoft Outlook 2019 (365)
      • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (365)


Click the tabs to view pricing.

MIS V1.7.4i

Setup at your place of business
2 Days Onsite Training*
5 Licenses allowing multiple networked workstations
Assistance with initial Data Input or Import


Bespoke Additions £35/Hour
Additional Training on Site £20/Hour
Additional Training by Remote £15/Hour

*Mileage fees may apply

MIS V1.7.4i Setup

Setup at your place of business
2 Days Onsite Training*
5 Licenses allowing multiple networked workstations
Assistance with initial Data Input or Import
One-off Setup Charge £400

MIS Subscriptions package £45 per month (12-month minimum Contract)

All Updates & Additional Features
2 half Days Onsite Training/Support per month*
10 Hours Remote Desktop/Phone Support

Bespoke Additions £20/Hour
Additional Training on Site £15/Hour
Additional Training by Remote £10/Hour

*Mileage fees may apply

Expand the functionality of the Accounting Solutions software with add-on functionality.

Alexa Flash Briefing Add-On

If you are looking for new ways to reach your audience or customers. You can reach them every day from all Amazon Echo and Alexa enabled devices.

The Alexa Flash Briefing Add-On requires version Accounting Solutions MIS v1.7.4i or later, Dropbox Account and an Amazon account, to use the Alexa Flash Briefing function. If you would like a standalone solution, please click here.

We will set up everything for you and teach you how to update your Alexa Skill with the news that matters to your customers and followers, with no coding skill required.

£75-£100 One time Purchase.



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