Accounting Solutions: MIS v1.7.9i Update

The v1.7.9i update is ready for distribution. Please watch our video for a demonstration of the new features.

New Core Features:

  • Changes to Customer Order Entry
    -Quick Add To Basket
    -Use Last selling Price
  • Wastage Options
  • Staff Discount Options

Download the complete version history here.

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Changes to Customer Order Entry

Changes have been made to the customer order entry form to add new functionality. From the new list at the bottom, you can see a list of common products that the selected customer has purchased in the last 42 days.

Quick Add To Basket
Double click on a product line to add to basked, if it is already in the basket the last selling price will be applied.

Use Last selling Price
If you check the tick box next to the top items area, when you click calculate price any product that is listed below will have that listed selling price, all other products will be prices as normal.

Zero Export Change

To handle Wastage a special price group that when the calculate price button is pressed Cost prices are applied to reflect losses but the selling price is input as £0.00 has been created and must be assigned in the options screen.

Wastage Options

An issue is with memory limitations when storing Integers has been resolved. An integer or as Access uses by default a Short Integer this is limited to 2 Bytes giving a maximum value of 32,767. We have in v1.7.8i checked over hundreds of functions and thousands of lines of code from the core functions and have converted all the default integers on to Long Integers at 8 bytes that will give you a max value limit of 9223372036854775807 when executing code. If any further errors occur note please note them down and we will correct them.

Staff Discount Options

From the options screen, you can select a customer price group that staff discount prices can be applied, in addition to setting the discount % that mist be entered as a fraction.

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Dr. Ravenholm

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