Greetings Space Cadets

Greetings Space Cadets, apologies for the lack of updates over the past two months all my spare time has been consumed with either reading or being ill.
On an upside I have read 23 more books and have a new goal of completing all of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels by the end of the year, three down so far. I also completed Tolkiens The Hobbit again and The Lord Of The Rings including the appendices this week, of which I may write a comparison between my thoughts on the book and of my favourite movie (extended of course) and maybe a look at the awful cartoon version from the 70’s the one Tim Burton never mentions. I also cough up on the assassins creed novels, completing the last two in the series although I was quite disappointed with Forsaken as it was not the side of the story I was hoping to read as I wanted to follow Connors adventure and not his farther, not to say it was not interesting but I would have preferred a different story and I don’t think we will get it now as they have dumped Conner after one outing and are moving onto a new assassin for AC4, and why put Conner on he cover when he is only in it for a handful of pages… Continuing the disappointment I have just stared reading the novel that one of my favourite movies is based on Jurassic Park, I had always wanted to read it but I have only yesterday got round to it and it is simply terrible. Spielberg and his team thankfully only took the concepts from the book and made it into the awesome movie. I’m don’t think words could ever convey how poor this book is, the writing style, the characters it’s all terrible, I will read the sequel The Lost World just so I can complete the set but I won’t get my hopes up, the same for the Harry Potter set I now have to read. I’m not a fan but I thought I would have to read them just so I can say that I have.
But enough of the books I’ve got lots of new photos coming up I’ve been sitting on some of theses since last year and I am finally going to get them up here along with some other stories. Here are a couple of samples of what’s coming in the next couple of weeks.




Greetings, I'm Dr Ravenholm, (or DR Yuill-Kirkwood to people that know me). Welcome to my site to the uninitiated our name is in reference to one of my favourite things, Star Trek. My site was created mainly to showcase my photographic work, and my random expeditions and adventures. Other than my photography I love movies and gaming on my Xbox and reading. Some of my favourites being Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings, Serenity, Firefly (Jewel Staite being the most beautiful girl in the verse), Mass Effect, Halo, and Skyrim, I could go on. I hope you enjoy my site and I can also be found in the following places... Twitter: @DRYuillKirkwood on Xbox Live: Dr Ravenholm, on Google+ and on Facebook.

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Dr. Ravenholm

Dr. Ravenholm

Greetings, I’m DR Yuill-Kirkwood (Dr Ravenholm) and welcome to my site I keep a small flock of Chickens and you can follow their stories in Tales From The Coop. I love movies, gaming on my XBOX and reading. Some of my favourites being Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings, Serenity, Firefly (Jewel Staite being the most beautiful girl in the verse), Mass Effect, Halo, Skyrim, and Minecraft, I could go on. You can also find me meeting all the celebrities at Comic-Con. In addition to my business my website and blog showcase my photography, YouTube videos, and expeditions & adventures. I hope you enjoy your visit to and we look forward to talking to you so please comment and share with your friends and drop by and see us on all your favourite social media websites.

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