Cosmic SMP S1-E17 – Stargate The Mini-Game

Welcome to a new episode on the Cosmic SMP server. Today we build our Stargate Mini-Game. I have really been looking forward to bringing this to you it is one of my most favourite Redstone creations that I have designed combining so many of my creations.

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Welcome the Stargate Mini-game.

The probability game where you activate the Stargate to receive prizes.

Before you begin please ensure that the lamp between the DHD and Lectern is solid (See troubleshooting).

You are on the remote Cosmic world and need to contact the SGC to get supplies.

Unfortunately, the DHD is damaged and no power is getting to the Stargate.

In order to get a message out and receive your supplies, you must repair the DHD. To do this you must install a new Control Crystal.

Lucky a diamond should serve as a viable replacement however there is only a 50% chance that this will work.

If you are lucky enough to have found a ZPM is 100% guarantee that the Stargate will charge.

You must go behind the DHD and insert the replacement Control Crystal or ZPM (drop it on the chiselled block).

If successful, the Stargate’s capacitors will charge indicated by the lamps activating and an audible sound.

If after 10 seconds the Stargates capacitors failed to charge you must try to replace the control crystal once more. (Wait until the status light is solid to play again)

If the Stargate successful charges, unlocking the superconducting rings you must act fast as the gate can only hold its charge for a short time.

Proceed to the DHD, from here you must dial the gate by entering a sequence of 7 (grey) buttons finishing with centre (red) to activate the Stargate.

It’s a big galaxy out there and you have a 66% chance of dialling a correct address.

If you fail to dial a correct address the gates capacitors will lose their charge and you must once again replace the DHD Control Crystal. (Wait until the status light is solid to play again)

If you are successful activity the gate the wormhole will form and remain active for about a minute as the capacitors drain.

Once the gate deactivates you will receive your supplies from the SGC.

You will receive upon a successful mission:
1-2 items 100%
3-4 items 16%

To play again wait until the status light is solid.

Thank You For Playing
Dr Ravenholm

Please ensure that the lamp between the DHD and the lectern is Solid before playing. If not, please wait 60 seconds. If the lamp is still off, click the red button to force 60 seconds to reset.

Solid – Ready to play
Flashing – Capacitors charged
Off – Game in reset more

Any other problems contact Dr Ravenholm


Stargates are a series of devices built by the Ancients which create wormholes, allowing for near-instantaneous transportation between two distant points in space.

Dial Home Device or DHD
DHDs establish a wireless link with the nearby Stargate and act as a control device and power source

Control crystal
Control crystals are crystals designed to regulate various functions in advanced technology. Most spacefaring races make use of crystal technology in some form.

Stargate Command or SGC is a top-secret military organization tasked with operating the Stargate device and all matters pertaining to things off-world.

Zero Point Module or ZPM
A ZPM is a power source, created by the Ancients, capable of supplying tremendous amounts of energy by extracting vacuum energy from an artificial region of subspace-time until it reaches maximum entropy.

In our game, if you have a ZPM you are guaranteed to charge the Stargates capacitors.

ZPM modules can be found throughout the Cosmic World.

Goa’uld Symbiote
The Goa’uld are a race of sentient parasitic beings that take over hosts.


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