Simon The Sorcerer – Full Walkthrough Longplay

Simon The Sorcerer – Full Walkthrough Longplay
There are some things that kids just shouldn’t have to put up with. Being transported to some weird dimension full of goblins, dwarves, swamplings, stupid wizards and sleeping giants is definitely one of them.

Walkthrough Notes


-Scissors in draw




-Pickup Matches
-Cut Beard


-Remove splinter

Witch Hut

– Take Bucket


-Talk to

Troll Bridge

-Talk to
-Pickup sign


-Water, leave and return for seeds


-Use Clapper

Behind Village Cottage

– Plant seeds get melon

Druid House

– Pickup Ladders
– Pickup Jar
– Pickup Cold Remedy

Beekeepers House

– Use pig on door
– Pickup Smokebox
– Pickup Hat
– Use Smokebox on the hive
– Pickup Wax


-Order drink
– Use wax on the barrel
– Pickup barrel


– Walk past Owl
– Pickup Feather


– Use watermelon on sousaphone

Goblin Doors

– Pickup List


– Pickup and look at rock
– Wear Beard
– Password Beer
– Give beer to guard
– Use the feather on sleeping Dwarf
– Pickup Key
– Pickup hook
– Use key
– Renter and give beer voucher
– Get Gem


– Talk and get the metal detector

Mountains (Wizard with staff)

– Use the metal detector


– Use sousaphone


– Use Cold remedy
– Pickup Fire Extinguisher
– Use hook on bolder
– Combine Magnet with Rope
– Use Magnet with Rope on hole 3x times

Behind Dragon cave

– collect rock

Village Dodgy Geezer

– Sell/give gem for 20


-Crack rock


– Give Shopping list
– Buy Hammer
– Buy White Spirit

Archaeologist hole

– Give Fossil


– Attend Party
– Use jar on stew
– Keep eating
– move chest
– Walk over the plank
– Use the nail on the plank
– Collect Frogsbane

Mountains (Wizard with staff)

– look at the dirt
– Pickup Milrith Ore

Mountains (Talking Tree)

– Talk to the tree
– Use white spirit
– Talk to the tree


– Use Milrith Ore to make Axe


– Give Axe
– Pickup Pin
– Use Fire Extinguisher
– Move hook
– Pickup mahogany


– Talk to and get woodworm

Tolkien Society

– Vines to get down
– Talk to Golum
– Give Swamp Stew jar
– Get the fishing rod
– Get Ring


– Use woodworm
– Use ladders
– open tomb
– Go back and open the tomb
– Pickup loose bandages
– Pickup magic staff


– Talk to wizards
– Talk to wizards again
– Say you so anything
– Give Staff
– Give money


– Open Box

Goblins Camp

– Open Box
– Look at boxes
– Pickup Spellbook
– Pickup Rat bone
– Look at the spellbook
– Use paper on the door
– Use rat bone on lock
– Pickup paper
– Use the key on the door and open
– Pickup Bucket

Torture chamber

– Pickup brand
– Pickup Mints
– Open Iron Maiden
– Talk to Druid
– Remove ring
– Talk to Druid and do the test
– Keep Talking to Druid all options 1
– Use bucket on Druid
– Use brand on Druid
– Get in Iron Maiden
– Wait
– Open Iron Maiden
– Pickup hacksaw
– Use hacksaw on bars

Druid House

– Pickup to Druid
– Give Frogsbane to frog

Witch house

– Open Door
– Pickup Broom
– Fight witch with spells 1,2 and 3 (might have to repeat)
-1 alakazam = Snake
-2 hocus pocus = cat
-3 sausages = otter
-4 abracadabra = mouse
– Once won use spell 4 abracadabra to escape the dragon
– Escape using mouse hole


– Use the pin on the hole to climb


– Consume Mints

Tower of DOOM Entrance

– Walk across
– use broom
– Consume potion

Garden (shrunken)

– Pickup leaf
– Walk inside the bucket to get the match
– Pickup stone
– Pickup lily
– Use match on lily
– Use leaf on math
– Pickup seed
– Use stone on seed
– Go back to shore
– Use oil on tap
– Use hair on tap
– Cross puddle


– Look at the water
– Pickup tadpole
– Talk to frog
– Option 2 tadpole get it
– Pickup mushroom
– Consume mushroom

Garden (Full size)

– Pickup branch
– Open tower

Tower Main entrance

– Enter tower
– Enter tower again
– Use branch on chest
– Pickup spear
– Pickup shield
– Go down

Tower Basement

– Use spear on the skull
– Pickup Skull
– Pickup chest
– Move lever
– Use chest on
– Move lever
– Move lever
– Pickup candles
– Go up

Tower Main entrance

Go up

Tower Bedroom

– Pickup Pouch
– Pickup sock
– Pickup Book
– Pickup wand
– Look at the book
– Combine sock and pouch
– Use the pouch on the hole on the stairs
– Get mouse
– Go up

Tower Lab

– Pickup Book
– Pickup Chemical
– Look at the book
– Use Chemical on the shield
– Use shield on the hook
– Go down

Tower Bedroom

– Talk to the mirror
– Ask to watch lab
– Go up

Tower Lab

– Talk to Demons
– Talk to Demons about why they are dissatisfied
– Talk to Demons again and say draw square and lets rock
– Walk to the teleporter
– Choose Fiery Pits of Rondor

Fiery Pits of Rondor

– Pickup pebbles
– Pickup sapling
– Talk to attendant
– Look at the brochure
– Combine sapling with the rubber band
– Use catapult on the bell
– Pickup matches
– Pickup floor wax
– Use the wand on Sordid
– Use matches on pits
– Use the wand on pits
– Use floor wax on Sordid
– Move Sordid

Game Over

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