Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall… Who managed to get through 15 minuets of this without turning it off.


At this stage this can not be a real review of the Mirror, Mirror Blu-ray. I had seen a couple of trailers at the cinema when seeing other movies, it didn’t look that good. There where some Amazon review what painted it a poor as I thought. But I thought give it a go anyway. I’m not a fan of Julia Roberts as I find her to be one of the more unattractive women in Hollywood, so for me for her to be ‘The fairest one of all’ then what do the rest of them in the kingdom look like. I know may have argued the other site for this but for me the same applies for Lily Collins as snow white, I have seen some photos of her where she is quite Spankable, but her appearance in this makes her look horrific, even in the Blu-ray cover art she looks terrible. Her character in general I found to be so annoying I wanted to slap snow white.

Back to the Blu-ray, its saturday night and your ready to sit down a watch a movie, so we put it in a hit play. Now I had read on amazon that for this movie they had roped in a lot of famous faces but the script was terrible, and this holds true from the outset. The opening prologue, did have a beautiful animated sequence (obviously made by someone else) but from the very opening 15 seconds of dialog this movie is just terrible.

“Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, a baby girl was born. Her skin was pure as snow, her hair, as dark as night. They called her Snow White, probably that was the most pretentious name they could come up with.”

I understood where they where trying to be funny with a pathetic jab at Snow Whites name but it is simple not funny, and did not appeal to our sense of humor in any way. Maybe to feeble minded uneducated Chav’ population that don’t know any better, but not any normal person.


The movie did not improve any further. We lasted about 15 minuets in to the movie and could not take it any more, looked at each other a thought one thing…
Firefly Marathon…

So out with Mirror, Mirror, and in with one of the awesome TV shows ever made for the night. As for the Blu-ray Mirror, Mirror it has been put back in the box most likely never to be seen again, so I can not review the movie as a whole nor can I review the special feature as I have not idea if it even has any I’m so disinterested in this Blu-ray.

This movie has been made for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to try and cash in on the success of the awesome movie Snow White and the Huntsman, released in cinemas at the same time with what they must of thought would be a more family orientated comedy rendition of the Snow movie. If they wanted family’s in for Snow White they should have just played the Disney cartoon again, I would have gone to see it on the big screen…

Mirror, Mirror – NA/10 on the ‘Bonniwae’ scale.
(NA, as in upgradable)
Firefly on the other had gets 15/10… I love Jewel Staite!

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