My new Lord Of The Rings collection.

Recently I Made some more editions to my Lord Of The Rings collection with three beautiful sculptures from Weta:
Arwen Undómiel
The Mines of Moria


Rivendell is simply huge and amazingly detailed. You can see its size in the photo above scaled. Ext to a standard DVD box. I was worried about it arriving intact and Royal Mail are not the Mose reliable, but it arrived bolted into its packaging, I would have done some unboxing shots but i was to excited and it was physically difficult to unpack the bolts where on so tight. Rivendell appears with all the details you have seen in the movies, and is simply spectacular. The fine details on this at simply amazing. You can see more photos of Rivendell here and the quality of this sculptures is so high I indeed to take more photos and play about with my Green screen and put some Elves walking about it.


There are a couple of statues out there of Arweng Undómiel out there but when I spotted this one I had to add it my collection. As with Weta this is again beautifully posed and detailed, and rings of the elegance of the Elves that lives in my imagination when I read the stories. This pease it dressed as she appeared in her introduction in The Fellowship. Where she rushes Frodo off to Rivendell ahead of the others and and one of the first things I noticed about this statue is that in the right like it can look more like Liv Tyler’s stunt rider escaping from the Black Riders (if you slow the Blu-ray down).


The Mines of Moria, has been built in a enclosed style as if inside the mountain but still manages to encapsulate all the areas from the Moria adventure, from The Halls Of Durin to the stairs, to the bridge of Khazad-dûm. As with Rivendell I will be having some Green screen fun with this so stay tuned.

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