Meet The Skylanders

Meet the Skylanders, or my Skylanders to be precise. I was a bit late in getting joining the Skylanders, I only started collecting them last summer when Morrison’s where selling off the XBOX 360 starter packs for £25.00 so I thought I would give it a go. Since then I have started I have amassed a nice little collection and expanded over Christmas to the new Giants game.
I have to say that this game is a brilliant piece of marketing because if you want to play the game to the full you have to collect more figures, and have at least one from every element, and the spell and extra location pieces add more to the game. The characters themselves are quite intriguing using RFID technology you save your character progress in the actual figure it’s selfs, and making them portable to other platforms in the process. Even as I have finished both games I’m still playing the levelling my characters and trying the levels again using each of their different combat styles and abilities.
These three are my favourite:
Trigger Happy: Simply because he is insane and has excellent range combat, but I do think is mad personally has diminished in the the Giants game, I also have the Legendary edition.
Hex: Because she is cool and oddly reminds me of some one I know :p I have both series 1 and 2, and will be picking up the Lightcore edition when it comes to the UK, and,
Prism Brake (Lightcore): Two words ‘Change Reaction’ creating a barrier of death.

Some other ones of more are Gill Grunt who is a really powerful player. Leeloo… Oh I mean Sprocket, but come on she clearly looks is Leeloo from Fifth Element, and if you sit in her turret the spinning death spheres can’t get you.
Don’t forget to take a look at my full Skylanders collection.


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Dr. Ravenholm

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