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Greetings Space Cadets, this week I have a treat for you, everyday (with the exception of Chuck Norris Tuesday) there will be a new gallery from my expedition to Kielder. The primary purpose for this little adventure was to scout out locations in the day light for a future stargazing trip to play with my new 50mm 1.4f lens.

Kielder Elf Kirk Viewpoint The day started out ok with some nice sunny weather however once we got out of the car and walked to the top of this viewpoint the wind was freezing. The are below in this little bowl where we parked the car was perfectly sheltered and I think this might be a good spot for some star photography. We almost got stranded here and had to walk the 70 miles back home as someone who will remain nameless couldn’t take the cold on top of the view point and went to hide in the car. At first this might not seem all that much of a problem, but that persons started wandering about the sheltered area exploring and left the car keys on the seat in the car and my car locks itself after a while if the keys are not in the ignition. Luckily (possibly) my hands had frozen and I was unable to operate my camera and came off the hill just in time to open a door.

Kielder Forest After this we progressed further along the lake side and found the Observatory also for a future night time trip the gates where all locked so we didn’t go along to the actual building to take a look. But we did take a little wander into the forest as the weather began to shift and it started to snow. We almost had another disaster in here but you can read about that later.

Kielder Lodge After a little break for lunch next to this lodge we set course for the Dam by which point the snow storm that we where now engulfed us limited visibility to about 10 meters.

Kielder Dam No sooner had it started it was gone, and we could actually see the dam. But all this and more will be reveled during this week. So keep dropping back all this week. And don’t forget to check out my other expeditions and subscribe, face book light and all that good stuff…

Greetings, I'm Dr Ravenholm, (or DR Yuill-Kirkwood to people that know me). Welcome to my site to the uninitiated our name is in reference to one of my favourite things, Star Trek. My site was created mainly to showcase my photographic work, and my random expeditions and adventures. Other than my photography I love movies and gaming on my Xbox and reading. Some of my favourites being Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings, Serenity, Firefly (Jewel Staite being the most beautiful girl in the verse), Mass Effect, Halo, and Skyrim, I could go on. I hope you enjoy my site and I can also be found in the following places... Twitter: @DRYuillKirkwood on Xbox Live: Dr Ravenholm, on Google+ and on Facebook.

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Dr. Ravenholm

Greetings, I’m DR Yuill-Kirkwood (Dr Ravenholm) and welcome to my site I keep a small flock of Chickens and you can follow their stories in Tales From The Coop. I love movies, gaming on my XBOX and reading. Some of my favourites being Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings, Serenity, Firefly (Jewel Staite being the most beautiful girl in the verse), Mass Effect, Halo, Skyrim, and Minecraft, I could go on. You can also find me meeting all the celebrities at Comic-Con. In addition to my business my website and blog showcase my photography, YouTube videos, and expeditions & adventures. I hope you enjoy your visit to and we look forward to talking to you so please comment and share with your friends and drop by and see us on all your favourite social media websites.

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