Here you can check out my Skylanders collection, I have also listed all other Skylanders that I could find. You can also check out photos of my collection here, or have a quick look at my very short Skylanders article.
Last Update: 2013-07-10 18:07:00 GMT

My Skylanders Collection

Element Skylander Wave Type
Earth Terrafin 1 Standard
Earth Crusher 2 Giant
Earth Prism Break 2 Lightcore
Earth Flashwing 2 Jade
Fire Ignitor 1 Standard
Fire Hot Head 2 Giant
Fire Eruptor 2 Lightcore
Life Stealth Elf 1 Standard
Life Zook 1 Standard
Life Shroomboom 2 Standard
Life Stump Smash 2 Standard
Life Tree Rex 2 Giant
Life Stealth Elf 2 Legendary
Magic Spyro 1 Standard
Magic Voodood 1 Standard
Magic Scarlet Ninjini 2 Giant
Tech Trigger Happy 1 Standard
Tech Drill Sergeant 2 Standard
Tech Sprocket 2 Standard
Tech Bouncer 2 Giant Legendary
Tech Trigger Happy 1 Legendary
Undead Hex 1 Standard
Undead Chop Chop 2 Standard
Undead Hex 2 Standard
Undead Eye Brawl 2 Giant
Water Gill Grunt 1 Standard
Water Slam Bam 1 Standard
Water Thumpback 2 Giant
Water Chill 2 Legendary/Lightcore
Wind Lightning Rod 1 Standard
Wind Swarm 2 Giant
Wind Jet-Vac 2 Lightcore
Wind Sonic Boom 2 Glow
Wind Whirlwind 2 Polar
Location Empire of Ice 1 Location
Location Pirate Seas 1 Location
Spell Anvil Rain 1 Spell
Spell Ghost Swords 1 Spell
Spell Hidden Treasure 1 Spell
Spell Sky-Iron Sheild 1 Spell
Spell Dragonfire Cannon 2 Spell


Skylanders Still To Collect

Element Skylander Wave Type
Earth Bash 1 Standard
Earth Dino-Rang 1 Standard
Earth Prism Break 1 Standard
Earth Bash 2 Standard
Earth Flashwing 2 Standard
Earth Prism Break 2 Standard
Earth Terrafin 2 Standard
Earth Granite Crusher 2 Giant
Earth Bash 1 Legendary
Earth Bash 1 Blue
Earth Prism Break 2 2012 Employee
Earth Prism Break 2 Flocked
Fire Eruptor 1 Standard
Fire Flameslinger 1 Standard
Fire Sunburn 1 Standard
Fire Eruptor 2 Standard
Fire Flameslinger 2 Standard
Fire Hot Dog 2 Standard
Fire Ignitor 2 Standard
Fire Blast Zone 3 Swap Force
Fire Ignitor 2 Legendary
Fire Flameslinger 1 Gold
Fire Eruptor 2 Flocked
Fire Flameslinger 2 Gold
Fire Hot Dog 2 Molten
Fire Hot Head 2 Giant Pearl
Life Camo 1 Standard
Life Stump Smash 1 Standard
Life Stealth Elf 2 Standard
Life Zook 2 Standard
Life Stealth Elf 3 Swap Force
Life Stink Bomb 3 Swap Force
Life Gnarly Tree Rex 2 Giant
Life Shroomboom 2 Lightcode
Life Stump Smash 1 Flocked
Life Stump Smash 2 White Flocked
Life Zook 2 Stone
Magic Dark Spyro 1 Dark
Magic Double Trouble 1 Standard
Magic Wrecking Ball 1 Standard
Magic Double Trouble 2 Standard
Magic Pop Fizz 2 Standard
Magic Spyro 2 Standard
Magic Wrecking Ball 2 Standard
Magic Ninjini 2 Giant
Magic Spyro 1 Legendary
Magic Pop Fizz 2 Lightcore
Magic Double Trouble 1 Royal
Magic Spyro 1 Chrome 2012 E3
Magic Wrecking Ball 1 Glow
Magic Pop Fizz 2 Punch
Tech Boomer 1 Standard
Tech Drill Sergeant 1 Standard
Tech Drobot 1 Standard
Tech Drobot 2 Standard
Tech Trigger Happy 2 Standard
Tech Countdown 3 Swap Force
Tech Magna Charge 3 Swap Force
Tech Bouncer 2 Giant
Tech Drobot 2 Lightcore
Tech Drill Sergeant 1 Red
Tech Drill Sergeant 1 Gold
Tech Sprocket 2 Sparkle
Undead Chop Chop 1 Standard
Undead Cynder 1 Standard
Undead Ghost Roaster 1 Standard
Undead Cynder 2 Standard
Undead Fright Rider 2 Standard
Undead Night Shift 3 Swap Force
Undead Roller Brawl 3 Swap Force
Undead Chop Chop 1 Legendary
Undead Hex 2 Lightcore
Undead Chop Chop 1 Gold
Undead Cynder 2 Glow
Undead Fright Rider 2 Glow
Water Wham-Shell 1 Standard
Water Zap 1 Standard
Water Chill 2 Standard
Water Gill Grunt 2 Standard
Water Slam Bam 2 Standard
Water Zap 2 Standard
Water Freeze Blade 3 Swap Force
Water Wash Buckler 3 Swap Force
Water Slam Bam 2 Legendary
Water Chill 2 Lightcore
Water Gill Grunt 1 Green
Water Zap 1 Glow
Wind Sonic Boom 1 Standard
Wind Warnado 1 Standard
Wind Whirlwind 1 Standard
Wind Jet-Vac 2 Standard
Wind Lightning Rod 2 Standard
Wind Sonic Boom 2 Standard
Wind Whirlwind 2 Standard
Wind Jet-Vac 2 Legendary
Wind Warnado 1 Glow
Wind Jet-Vac 2 Blizzard
Wind Whirlwind 2 Stone
Location Darklight Crypt 1 Location
Location Dragon’s Peak 1 Location
Spell Healing Elixer 1 Spell
Spell Sparx Dragonfly 1 Spell
Spell Time Twister 1 Spell
Spell Winged Boots 1 Spell
Spell Golden Dragonfire Cannon 2 Spell
Spell Scorpion Striker 2 Spell
Location Volcanic Vault 1 Battle Arena

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Dr. Ravenholm

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