Accounting Solutions: MIS v1.7.2i Update

Greetings Space Cadets, The v1.7.2i update is ready for distribution. Please watch our video for a demonstration of the new features.

New Core Features:

  • Job Sheets
  • Sale Price Override
  • Min Max Stock Levels
  • Auto Bulk Purchase Order

Download the complete version history here.

You can also learn more about our Accounting Solutions software in our Business Center, and find further support here.

Job Sheets

New Job Sheet feature this allows you to create an order summary that a client can sign to authorise any work, and to keep track of any progress. There are 3 variants accessible from the order history form.

Job Sheet Order – Is a complete job sheet based on a selected order, all notes on product lines are compiled into the job description.

Job Sheet Order – Prints a blank job sheet with selected customer account details only such as name and address.

Job Sheet Blank – Prints a complete blank job sheet for any use.

There are several customizations that you can make to the job sheet accessible from the options screen.

Sale Price Override

Added feature Sale Price Override. It allows you to set a sale price for a product that will override percentage-based prices and will set that single price to all customer regardless of price group. This whoever will not override if that customer group has a fixed price.

This function can be found under Price Management and selecting Product Sale Override. To select a product you can scroll, search by typing name or by scanning its barcode. Once selected enter its override sale price and click enable this can be set individually for both unit and outer.

Please note that this price is excluding VAT. A VAT calculator has been included.

Auto Bulk Purchase Order

Updated the Bulk purchase order system with an Auto purchase order creation tool. This automatically creates orders based on Stock levels, Stock already ordered but not yet arrived, unshipped Customer orders, and min-max levels that also take into account unshipped Customer orders. This also automatically inserts the last supplier that you ordered that product from and automatically inserts last Cost price and can then be edited.

Changed Bulk purchase order supplier selection to show name instead of a number.

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Dr. Ravenholm

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